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360° Surround Tools

12 audio plugins optimized for 5.1 surround mixing
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The Paramount Package for Post-Production

The special requirements for mixing 5.1 surround require a custom combination of plugins. 360° Surround Tools handles all the fundamentals, and more: dynamics processing, low-frequency and spatial enhancement, comprehensive metering, upmixing, surround management, and mixdown.

There’s a good reason why 360° Surround Tools has become a premier post-production bundle for 5.1 surround—these 12 plugins are the key to quick, reliable, consistent surround mixing.

  • Tame 5.1 dynamics with the C360 Compressor and L360 Limiter
  • The MV360° combines linkable, high- and low-level compression
  • Add ambience and space with the R360 Surround Reverb
  • Includes stereo and surround Dorrough metering plugins
  • Fine-tune LFE channels with the LFE360°’s 60 dB/octave filtering
  • Enhance low frequencies using the LoAir dedicated bass processor
  • The IDR360° shapes, dithers, and re-quantizes digital audio
  • Upmix stereo to 5.0/5.1 surround with the UM225 and UM226
  • Calibration plugins optimize placement, balance, and spread
  • 8 plugins support up to 192 kHz, 4 support up to 96 kHz