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How to Boost Your Mix Bus with Scheps Parallel Particles


Give your mix bus a LIFT! Scheps Parallel Particles makes mixes feel full, vibrant and detailed with 4 simple controls, designed with the magic of Grammy-winning mix engineer, Andrew Scheps.

Scheps Parallel Particles gives you Andrew’s wealth of experience that he uses to get mixes sounding as though they are jumping out of the speakers - in the form of four easy-to-use controls. This video demonstrates how a blend of Air, Sub, Thick and Bite transform decent sounding mixes into radio-ready sounding records in seconds.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:13 4 Examples of Scheps Parallel Particles in action
  • 0:58 Getting started with Parallel Particles
  • 1:29 Who is Andrew Scheps?
  • 1:50 Control overview
  • 2:21 Listen to Sub and Air controls
  • 3:32 Listen to Thick and Bite control

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