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8 Ways for Better Stereo Imaging in Your Mixes

Aug 27, 2020 | 38,865 Views

Do your tracks, mixes and masters lack three-dimensional impact? Learn how to quickly mix a luscious sense of width and immersion with these 8 super useful stereo imaging plugins.

In this video we show you how to get up and running with 8 Waves stereo maker and stereo enhancer plugins you can try in your next mix:

  1. 0:40 - Doubler for stereoizing
  2. 3:41 - Greg Wells VoiceCentric for stereoizing
  3. 4:12 - PS22 Stereo Maker for stereoizing
  4. 6:32 - S1 Stereo Imager for enhancing stereo
  5. 7:14 - StudioRack for enhancing stereo with multiband. Learn how StudioRack’s multiband splits can be used to enhance stereo in our video 3 Powerful Tricks for Mixing with StudioRack Without Plugins
  6. 7:52 - Vitamin for enhancing stereo with multiband
  7. 8:59 - Infected Mushroom Pusher for easy stereo widening
  8. 9:46 - Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain for easy stereo widening