Audio Repair 101: Ambient Noise

May 03, 2018

Get access to a comprehensive guide on noise reduction by Emmy®-winning dialogue editor John Purcell. Learn how to control ambient sounds like wind, traffic, and electrical hum that run the length of a scene, whether they’re broadband or tonal.

Audio Repair 101: Clicks, Crackles, Pops
This is part 3 in a 3-part series:
  1. Noise Reduction Basics: Understand kinds of noises and how to control them
  2. Controlling transient noises: Clicks, crackles, pops
  3. Ambient Noise: Identifying and removing tonal and broadband noise
In Part 3, you’ll learn how to:
  1. Address tonal noise and electrical hum in recordings
  2. Address broadband noise without being destructive to the desired audio signal
  3. When to use offline processors and when to process in real time
  4. Work efficiently and non-destructively so that you can save yourself time and avoid frustration

This is written from the perspective of film dialogue postproduction, but noise is noise, so what you learn can be applied to other audio recordings as well.

What is ambient noise?

Ambient noises are the unwanted sounds that run the length of a scene. They may be steady, they may change over time, but they are generated by the space and its surroundings rather than by...

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