Jo A

Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

Wiz Khalifa, Akon, Maître Gims, Black M

Element is an amazing synth. It emulates perfectly the warmth of an analog synth, which is a rare and very precious feature. It lets me bring into my productions the power and feeling of retro synths.“


Craig Anderton

Author, Musician, Mastering Engineer

Waves GTR makes it easy to create interesting sounds that will catch people’s ears. With GTR, you can create a signature sound where someone can listen and say, ‘Oh wow, I recognize that person’s tone.’“

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Penelope Antena

Singer, Producer, Sound Engineer

I love using UltraPitch 6 harmonizer on my vocals. The super wide stereo image and effects like chorus and slap can give the impression of real human vocal harmonies, or a vocoder-like effect.“



Electronic Artists

Hunt For Glory, re:lectro, Identity Unknown

Element is a great synth for synth-pop. We can get anything from a great-sounding programmable ARP to a very funky synth line. It’s also very easy to use – you can sketch up a song in minutes!“


Gary Barlow

Vocalist, Songwriter

Take That, Gary Barlow, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

I’m not a mixer – I’m a songwriter who programmes keys and records myself singing; and I’m always on the road. Waves makes it simple to get my material sounding its best, turning a headache into an easy solution.“


Alberto Barrero

Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Recording & Mixing Engineer

Hometown, The Night's Soul

Waves plugins are essential tools for me as a studio guitarist. GTR is, without a doubt, the best and most authentic emulator on the market. It has amazing sounds and possibilities!“


Justin Beckler

Producer, Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Midnight Riot, Emily Kopp, Amy Steinberg, Whyte Tygers

Waves plugins sound fantastic and work efficiently within my CPU. I love that I can concentrate on my creativity without being limited by heavy processing. They are the most reliable I've ever used!“


The Bergamot

It’s easy to get spread too thin as an indie artist these days. However, our mixes never sound thin with the vintage sonic beauty of the Waves Abbey Road plugins filling out the spectrum of the music we release.“


Mr. Bill

Musician, DJ, Producer

Mr Bill, deadmau5, Electrocado

Waves have some of the best sounding and most user-friendly tools out there. They’re my go-to solutions for a whole range of applications. “



Composer, Session Musician, Producer

Cirque Du Soleil, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Balu

I heavily rely on Waves to create, mix and produce music. I love to go through my Waves folder like a kid in a candy store and get my creativity sparked. I don’t want to work without Waves ever again.“


Ilan Bluestone

Producer, DJ, Remixer

Using Waves plugins in the studio is something I cannot live without! They are always used in my projects.“


Steve Booke

Guitarist, Composer

The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Real World, Mind of Mencia

Before hearing GTR I wouldn't even consider using a software amp simulator for any of my production work, now I can't see myself using anything else.“

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Jimmy Bralower

Producer, Engineer, Musician, Writer

Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Hall & Oates, Cyndi Lauper

For virtually anything I do in the studio, there's a go-to Waves plugin. Whether enhancing, repairing, mangling or restoring, I rely on Waves plugins from tracking to mixing.“

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Simone Bresciani

Keyboard Player, Composer, Producer, Mixer, Remixer

Cher, Audio Playground, WTS, Cary Nokey

Electric 88 piano is top-notch. It can be soft and gentle or hard and rude. Great dynamic, very nice touch and full sound. I also love the Codex synth – warm, complex and rich.“


Stu Brooks

Producer, Engineer, Bassist, Composer

Matisyahu, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Dub Trio

Not only are Waves plugins essential to sculpting mixes on all of my projects, but they are also a source of discovery and creativity.“


Maurice Brown

Musician, Producer, Composer

Anderson .Paak, Florence and the Machine, LOGIC, Tedeschi Trucks Band

Waves plugins are the sound of today’s records. “


Bernard Butler

Producer, Composer, Guitarist

Suede, Duffy, Paloma Faith, James Morrison

I treat Waves plugins as I would the best analogue outboard and expect the same quality, but with endless flexibility. The Renaissance Compressor is my go-to plugin for vocals every time.“

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David Cain

Composer, Performer, Engineer, Producer, Filmmaker

Wertico Cain & Gray

The wide range of Waves plugins is like having a fantastic set of paintbrushes and color palettes: fine-point detail or broad-brush washes of color, all able to deliver inspired sound to the canvas.“


Richard Chycki

Guitarist, Engineer

Dream Theater, Aerosmith, Rush

GTR is a very cool discovery for me…It gives me guitar sounds that are eminently useful for everything from tracking to re-amping existing guitar tracks.“

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Neil Citron

Guitarist, Producer, Engineer

Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton

Waves is the real thing! When we talked about doing amp models, I knew they would blow me AWAY!“

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Tom Cosm

Producer, Video Game Composer, Performer, Audio Mad Scientist

Just Dance, The Collab Alliance, The Ambitron

When I need to mix five people on different laptops jamming together, Waves always makes the mix tight. I use Waves whenever I need live processing to glue everything together.“


Chris Craker

Musician, Producer, Composer

Hans Zimmer, Lang Lang, Leona Lewis, London Symphony Orchestra

The quality and flexibility are absolute game-changers in my feature soundtracks and productions. I love that Waves continues to evolve and innovate, and I'm excited to use them every step of the way!“


Melvin Lee Davis

Bassist, Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musical Director

Chaka Khan, Dave Grusin, George Duke, Bryan Ferry

As a bassist, I am big on getting the right bass and drum mixes. This is my groove component. With the API plugins for my bass tone and Renaissance Bass for kicks and toms, I can do that.“


Mark Eitzel

Musician, Songwriter, Producer

American Music Club, Peter Buck

I’ve relied on Waves plugins for every album I’ve recorded. They’re the most stable and powerful plugins I’ve had. For someone new to digital recording, they make it easy to get a professional sound.“


El-P (Run the Jewels)

Producer, Rapper

Run the Jewels

Waves plugins are amazing. They sound great, are easy to use and never slow my work flow; they have great character.“


Noga Erez & Ori Rousso

Musicians, Producers, Mixing Engineers

In every mix we do – and all the music we make – we use Waves plugins. They are essential for a finished and polished sound to help our music stand out and be as moving as it can be.“


Neal Evans

Musician, Composer, Producer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist

Soulive, Lettuce, Sonya Kitchell, Victor Wooten

Waves plugins add something more organic and soulful to the sterile-by-nature digital music realm. They have the subtle nuances which bring magic to my sound and creative production process.“


David Federmann

Keyboardist, Producer, Engineer, Composer, Songwriter

Valli, Awa Sy, Maeva, Reel People Music

Waves plugins are at the heart of my musical creation process in the studio. From vocals to my master buss and so much more, Waves is essential to what I do.“


Mike Flannery

Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Mr. Flannery and His Feelings, Little-T and One Track Mike, Flannery Brothers

I've been using Waves plugins since I was in Pro Tools Mix Plus back in 2001. They’ve found their way into pretty much all of my sessions since, and they’re just getting better.“


Flight Facilities

Composer, Producer, DJ

We've used waves for almost 10 years and on almost all of our compositions. From the subtle details to the big and bold, these tools are indispensable for our work.“


Ernest Greene / Washed Out

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Waves plugins have made up a big part of the Washed Out sound. Also, by using the LV1 in our live shows, we’re able to dial in familiar plugin chains with amazing flexibility and creative possibility.“


Andreas Häberlin

Composer, Musical Director, Pianist

Zahara, Jack & The Beanstalk, Geri

Grand Rhapsody is my go-to for acoustic grand pianos. It sounds exciting and alive on its own, without any processing, and the miking options let me shape the piano sound at the very source.“


Scott Hansen

Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer


I get a lot of use from Waves plugins to add color, warmth, and otherwise sculpt the sound of every track live and in the studio. The ‘magic’ that they provide is unparalleled.“


Tony Harrell

Session Keyboardist, Producer & Songwriter

Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Jason Aldean

I love using Waves virtual instruments in my recordings, especially the Electric 88 which gives me a genuine Fender Rhodes sound, and the Electric 200 version of the Wurlitzer.“


Nick Hexum

Musician, Songwriter, Producer


Waves plugins help me unleash my creativity. “


Henry Hey

Conductor, Pianist, Orchestrator, Arranger, Musical Director

David Bowie, Empire of the Sun, George Michael, Rod Stewart

Waves makes a lot of great plugins. Among my favorites are the CLA Classic Compressors and the API plugins. These tools are very musical and they sound fantastic.“


Johnny Hiland


Ricky Skaggs, Toby Keith, Randy Travis

I think that Waves GTR is innovative, fun, and effective in recording today. It allows you to have more creative control as a guitarist in the studio, and still offers loads of fun!“

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Some mixes can become an elaborate road system – the C6 is my go-to traffic conductor. I have it on almost every channel in some sidechain mode.“


Rami Jaffee

Keyboardist, Producer, Composer

Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers, Johnny Cash, Macy Gray

Waves plugins take my keyboards to outer space! Along with drums, vocals, and whatever else needs some action. And being able to save the settings is priceless!“


Marc JB

DJ, Producer, Composer, Remixer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink

For punch, instant presence, sonic dominance and all sorts of other production and mix tasks, the plugins from Waves are killer. L3-16 Multi, CLA Vocals, and DeEsser are some of my favorites.“


Jacob Jeffries

Singer/Songwriter, Pianist & Keyboardist

The Jacob Jefferies Band

When writing new song ideas, I generally gravitate toward classic acoustic piano sounds; Grand Rhapsody makes me feel super-comfortable. I can get it sounding like I am writing on my childhood piano again.“



Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Producer

Waves plugins have been invaluable tools in all my productions and the results surprise me every time. I can’t imagine an album of mine that won’t feature Waves.“


Charlie Judge

Recording Musician, Composer, Arranger, Conductor

Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban

Electric 88 gives me the same soulful sound I get from a real Fender Rhodes played through a guitar amp. Electric 200 is a quantum leap forward from the other sampled Wurlitzers out there – it rocks!“




GTR3 gives us the ability to experiment with new sounds quickly and creatively, and that's always when the best things happen!“


Kick The Habit

Waves plugins always play a BIG part in all our projects!“


Kiyanu Kim

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Lamont Dozier, Linda Perry

What's so attractive about my favorite Waves plugins is that they sound very authentic and natural, full of the important warmth and richness of vintage sound. I use Waves plugins in every mix I do.“

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Alen Konakoğlu

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Virgil Donati, Victor Wooten, Scott Handerson, Natalia Oreiro

The Waves analog models sound unmistakably true to their respective hardware units. They deliver all the warmth and sonic character that is essential for the music to blend well and feel good.“


Emily Kopp

Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Samsung, Fitbit, Volkswagen, Midnight Riot

Whether working in my studio or on the road, using Waves plugins everywhere I go makes the creative process fun, convenient and full of possibilities. Having these tools in the palm of my hand is priceless.“


Tim Lauer

Keyboard & Piano Player, Producer, String Arranger, Songwriter

Taylor Swift, Megadeth, Shawn Mendes, The Civil Wars

I’ve owned original Wurlitzer pianos for over 30 years, and I find Waves’ Electric 200 piano to be a great option. It doesn’t just sound good – it feels right to play.“

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Simon Law

Keyboardist, Producer, Songwriter

Soul II Soul, Maxi Priest, Chante Moore, Shabba Ranks

My favorite Waves instrument right now is the Electric 88 Piano, a really beautiful software rendition of an 88-key Fender Rhodes. Great to write with and then use in the finished recordings.“


Linkin Park

I find that Waves plugins help us discover some great sounds.“

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Dory Lobel


Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Jesse McCartney

Whether you're a traditionalist or on the cutting edge of sound design, you'll find your sound with GTR.“


Ilana Lorraine

Singer, Songwriter

Waves plugins make it easy to get a ‘finished’ sound. I add a few plugins, make a few small tweaks and my music sounds full, glued together and with a wonderful sense of space.“


Kiko Loureiro

Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Megadeth, Angra

Waves plugins bring magic to my music. The only way to get a unique professional sound in my mix.“


Harvey Mandel


Rolling Stones, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters

I love the new GTR…the sounds are great!“


Maroon 5

It’s hard to remember the last time we worked on a project without Waves plugins. They have been go-to solutions for just about any problem encountered during the making of a record.“


Shaun Martin

Artist, Keyboardist, Producer

Snarky Puppy, Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann

Waves’ electric pianos are must-have, must-use instruments. The sounds are so authentic. It's like having a vintage piano arsenal at the click of a button.“


Dave Martone

Guitarist, Engineer, Producer, Author

Nickelback, Jet Black Stare, “Shredding the Blues” , “Serious Shred Advanced Scales”

Waves plugins sound incredible – for every step of the producing, mixing and mastering processes. I could not live without them!“


Kris Menace

Producer, Remixer

Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Moby, LCD Soundsystem

To be honest, I pretty much love every Waves plugin.“


Jason Miles

Keyboardist, Producer, Composer

Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Luther Vandross

Waves’ pianos and synths are top of the class. The sound is superb, and the interface lets me control the instruments’ various nuances in a way that really makes them stand out from the pack.“

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GTR3 is highly versatile and can be used to set up crazy effects loops that would take ages to set up with outboard equipment.“


Dave Mustaine

Musician, Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer

Megadeth, Metallica

When we were doing the Dystopia record, we used a ton of Waves plugins for rough mixes, which made the creative process sound a lot like the finished record.“


Yoad Nevo

Producer, Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Air

GTR lets me use stomps like the ones I’ve collected over the years with convenience and portability, plus the ability to use multiple instances of the same pedal.“

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Musician, Producer, Composer, DJ

DmC Devil May Cry OST, Remixes for The Prodigy, Skrillex, Katy Perry

There are so many high quality, go-to plugins we've always loved. We go through waves of using certain ones a lot for a period, shaping a certain sound, and then rediscovering other ones again.“



We haven’t made a single album or piece of music without Waves plugins.“



Composer, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Remixer, Sound Designer, DJ, Live Performer

No matter what I’m trying to achieve, Waves has a tool which lets me do it creatively and effectively – from vintage emulations to futuristic innovations – with style, grace and rock-solid reliability.“


Steve Ouimette

Composer, Artist, Producer

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, The Crew 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Let’s Make A Deal

I have been using Waves plugins since they first came out. Waves is the first company that stepped up the quality of what you could do in the box, and that has only grown over the years. They’re a big part of why I now work 100% in the computer. “


Morgan Page

DJ, Producer, Remixer

Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sara

Element is a great synth that delivers both versatility and simplicity. No sub-menus – just a clear workflow and lots of knobs!“

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George Pajon Jr.


Black Eyed Peas, Fergie

Thanks to GTR, when I’m out on the road, I don’t have to worry about hotel security every time I want to do a little late-night jamming.“


Shawn Patterson

Composer, Guitarist

Titan Maximum, Kung Fu Panda & El Tigre

I’m often asked to create old, retro guitar sounds on a lot of the scores I create. The presets in GTR3 really make this easy!“


Gareth Prosser


Anastacia, Blue Man Group, FAT

When it comes to guitar tones and processing, Waves GTR rules! It reacts to my playing just as my tube amps do.“


Paul Reed Smith

PRS Guitars

Wow…They sound the same, in some ways better, than the amp because there’s no noise, which is really cool…“


Alberto Rigoni

Bassist, Composer, Soloist, Producer

Vivaldi Metal Project, The Italians, Ardityon, Lady & THE BASS

Waves plugins are some of the most powerful tools to get amazing tones on my bass tracks. I can easily find the perfect tone for my production, from vintage to modern sounds. They’re killer!“


Oliver Rosa

DJ, Producer, Remixer, Piano & Keyboard Player, Composer

Afrojack, Big Sean, Shermanology

I really like Grand Rhapsody’s warmth and depth. I also like that you can choose to hear the pedal noises, which gives it that extra authentic sound.“


Brent Rowan


Brooks & Dunn, Robert Plant, Shania Twain, Alabama

The great thing about the Waves GTR - the flexibility is monumental.“

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Jordan Rudess

Keyboardist, Composer

Dream Theater

Within no more than two minutes of playing Element, I knew that it was really great! The quality of the oscillators and filters, along with the depth of the modulation parameters, make it really top-class!“


Junior Sanchez

DJ, Producer, Remixer

Daft Punk, Madonna, Katy Perry

Element is powerful and creative with super-analog sound. Whether you program it yourself or use a preset, this synth is sure to inspire your creativity and be a huge part of your process.“

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James Sanger

Producer, Studio Musician, Programmer, Mixer, Songwriter

U2, Keane, Phil Collins, Dido

I’ve compared Electric 88 with my original Fender Rhodes 73 – it’s the most authentic version I’ve ever heard. And Electric 200 is like having a Wurly set up in the studio and ready to record.“


Joey Santiago


The Pixies

GTR sounds great. Think of a tone and dial it in. Tones for days. The stomp boxes are amazing. Being able to save your sound forever is just magic.“

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Kevin J Sawka (KJ Sawka)

Producer, Drummer, DJ

Pendulum, Destroid, Blake Lewis, BT

Nothing compares to Waves mixing tools in the studio and on stage.“


Mike Scott


Justin Timberlake, Prince

Waves GTR is one of the most useful creative tools available for guitar players today.“


Lucas Silveira

Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Fresno, Kyber Krystals, Beeshop, Capital Inicial

Waves are my go-to tools for everything that involves bringing life to my tracks! Even brilliant recording jobs can always sound better with the creativity and insight given by these amazing products.“


Eric Silver

Producer, Musician, Artist, Writer

Donna Summer, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban

Waves plugins offer all the warmth and punch I want when working in a completely digital system!“


Drumsound & Bassline Smith

DJs, Producers, Mixers, Re-mixers

Utah Saints, Jeff Wayne, DJ Fresh

Element is fantastic at recreating the beautiful warmth and depth you only get from classic analog gear. Lots of inspiring presets, too!“


Bad Snacks

Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Bad Snacks

Waves Audio plugins are some of the highest quality in-the-box mixing tools you can acquire by far. Everything always sounds so present and balanced and they've quickly become a necessity in my mixing process.“


Andy Sneap

Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Guitarist

Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, Judas Priest

Waves have been my go-to plugins for years now. They bring the right edge, punch and clarity for getting elements to sit in a mix and sound wicked.“

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Producer, Musician, Songwriter

William Singe, Che Pope

For every step along the way in music production, Waves has super clutch, amazing plugins that sound incredible. They take my productions to the next level, and fast. I use them on near everything!“


Dan Spitz



I am a Waves addict. I can't stop using GTR software on my heavy rhythm guitars.“


Vahagn Stepanyan

Keyboardist, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Composer

Eric Moore, Melvin Lee Davis, Feodor Dosumov

Electric 200 gives me options to design my own original sounds. Sounds great when I tweak and jam with it.“


Mike Stevens

Musical Director, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Annie Lennox, Take That, ELO, Tina Turner

Waves’ electric pianos reproduce those great Wurli and Fender Rhodes sounds so faithfully: all the original tone, analog grit and vintage flavor, in a way that sits perfectly in the mix.“


Rob Swire

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, DJ, Producer

Rihanna, Taio Cruz, Tinie Tempah, Pendulum

I haven't made a song without Waves plugins since 2002; it is absolutely ‘desert island’ must-have software for me.“


Evan Taubenfeld


Avril Lavigne, The Blacklist Club

Waves GTR has the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology with very very authentic tones.“


The Boxer Rebellion

Waves plugins really bring our music to life. They give us a space, dimension and feel that we’d be lost without.“


The Chemical Brothers

We’ve been using Waves plugins for years. From creative FX to surgical tools, they always deliver.“


The Crystal Method

DJs, Producers, Musicians

Almost Human, League of Legends, Bones, Community Service

The L3 MultiMaximizer is always the last plugin on my stereo bus chain. Incredibility versatile, not only does it make my tracks sound louder, it makes them sound better!“


The Glitch Mob

We’ve been using Waves plugins for over 10 years and they are still an integral part in our workflow today. From Enigma, MetaFlanger, R-Vox to H-Reverb, F6 and more. There are too many gems to list!“

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Devin Townsend

Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

The Devin Townsend Project

I use Waves plugins in literally every digital recording, from V-Comp for color and warmth, to Vitamin which intelligently delivers natural EQ and tone shaping. These two are on every vocal I create.“

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Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Producer

Waves is an essential part of my creation process. It’s gotten to where I’m paying to use these big studios, just to open my laptop, run my session with the Mercury Bundle and use their speakers.“


Brian Trifon

Composer, Sound Designer, Producer, Remixer

Halo Wars 2, Massive Chalice, Finishing Move Inc., Trifonic

I love using Codex, an exciting, fantastic-sounding wavetable synth, as well as Electric 88 and Electric 200, excellent samplings of the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos.“



Musical Duo, Producers, DJs

The Chainsmokers, Armin Van Buuren, Adam Lambert

Waves plugins are a constant on our tracks: L3 is the final limiter on many Tritonal singles; H-Delay is our go-to tape delay plugin; SSL G-Master is the first on our master chain on most records.“


Ludovico Vagnone

Guitarist, Producer, Arranger, MD, Engineer

Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster

Waves plugins are perfect, even on my laptop when I’m away from my studio. They’re intuitively manageable and they help to expand my creativity as a musician.“


Emily Warren

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

The Chainsmokers, Frenship, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes

Waves plugins, especially the CLA bundles, are some of my secret weapons for vocal producing. They make vocals sound crispy and with a finished quality by the click of a button.“


Jeff Waters



I plugged in my guitar to the GTR amps and recorded... UNBELIEVABLE! The clean tones alone are worth $20,000. Well done!“



Producers, Musicians

Waves plugins are on every single one of our projects. They play a major role in our processing and they help us to create the sounds that we love.“

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Lyle Workan


Beck, Shakira, Sheryl Crow

I’m impressed with how straight forward yet perfectly flexible GTR is, with just the right amount of tweak-able parameters.“


Nir Z


John Mayer, Chris Cornell, Genesis

GTR3 sounds fantastic on guitar and bass, but it’s also very cool for bussing a stereo drum mix or just a mono room mic…The sky is the limit!“

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Dweezil Zappa


Some of the best new plugins out there…They instantly make things sound more musical.“

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