DJs / Producers



DJ, Producer & Remixer

Waves plugins enable me to produce the same quality music when I am on the road as I do in my own recording studios.“


Dave Audé

Producer, Remixer

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga

Waves plugins have been my most reliable and most-used plugins since I started producing music professionally.“

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Electronic Artists

Hunt For Glory, re:lectro, Identity Unknown

Element is a great synth for synth-pop. We can get anything from a great-sounding programmable ARP to a very funky synth line. It’s also very easy to use – you can sketch up a song in minutes!“


Jonas Blue

Producer & DJ

“Fast Car” ft. Dakota, “Perfect Strangers” ft. JP Cooper, “By Your Side” ft. Raye, Birdy

Waves were the first plugins I bought when I got into music production, and I’ve never looked back. Most of my work is done while traveling, and with Waves I know the result will always sound pro.“


Bonafide 3000

The Waves SSL E-Channel is our go-to plugin for anything that needs a good punch. It feels like having an SSL console with all the advantages but without any of the disadvantages.“


Dave Clarke

DJ, Remixer, Producer, Radio Show Host

Placebo, Soft Moon, Gazelle Twin, Depeche Mode

Waves can be a life-saver in cleaning up a tricky source and a pleasure-giver in providing mojo to a brittle digital recording. It is always reliable and always intuitive.“

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Tom Cosm

Producer, Video Game Composer, Performer, Audio Mad Scientist

Just Dance, The Collab Alliance, The Ambitron

When I need to mix five people on different laptops jamming together, Waves always makes the mix tight. I use Waves whenever I need live processing to glue everything together.“


Darude (Ville Virtanen)

Artist, Producer, Remixer, DJ

Since moving on from my first lowly Pentium 1-based setup many years ago, Waves plugins have heavily populated my channels, and they’re still a regular and essential part of my music production.“


Digital Farm Animals

Producer, Songwriter, DJ & Remixer

Galantis, Nelly, R. Kelly,

Waves plugins are the perfect foundation to always getting a professional sound. The quality and stability are amazing. Q10 was my first; CLA Vocals, OneKnob Filter and Kramer Master Tape are favorites.“

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DJ Fresh

Producer, Songwriter & DJ

Waves plugins make electronic mixing happen in the background, so you can focus on making hit records.“

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DJ, Producer, Remixer

I use Waves plugins a lot in my productions. They allow me to manipulate sound with all the warmth and presence I need. Waves plugins are an example of digital plugins outperforming analogue gear.“


Aiden Hogarth

Record Producer / DJ / Composer

BBC, Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Timbaland

Waves is my go-to on 100% of my projects, a true gamechanger in my studio.“


Infected Mushroom

To have all these high-end tools with us everywhere we go is priceless. We've been using Waves for 20 years and still going strong.“

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Producer, DJ, Songwriter

Tiesto, Snoop Dogg, David Guetta

I love using Renaissance Vox – it has a way of placing vocals perfectly in the mix without the compression being noticeable or harsh.“

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Kris Menace

Producer, Remixer

Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Moby, LCD Soundsystem

To be honest, I pretty much love every Waves plugin.“


Like Mike

Artist, Performer, Producer, Musician

Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike

For all my FX and mixing needs, Waves has got a great plugin for it.“


Jason Nevins

DJ, Producer, Composer, Programmer, Mixer, Re-mixer

Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Cee Lo Green, Madonna

Element is an amazing ‘out-of-the-box’ synth. It’s a tweaker’s dream, but it also has incredible preset sounds. A go-to synth when I need a sound to stand out a bit more or cut through the mix.“


Morgan Page

DJ, Producer, Remixer

Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sara

Element is a great synth that delivers both versatility and simplicity. No sub-menus – just a clear workflow and lots of knobs!“

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Songwriter, Producer

Clean Bandit, Mary J Blige, Little Mix, Elton John

One of my favorite Waves plugins is The King's Microphones. It's amazing, and not just for getting a retro vocal effect – it’s also great for re-amping drums, guitars and even synths.“


Oliver Rosa

DJ, Producer, Remixer, Piano & Keyboard Player, Composer

Afrojack, Big Sean, Shermanology

I really like Grand Rhapsody’s warmth and depth. I also like that you can choose to hear the pedal noises, which gives it that extra authentic sound.“


Junior Sanchez

DJ, Producer, Remixer

Daft Punk, Madonna, Katy Perry

Element is powerful and creative with super-analog sound. Whether you program it yourself or use a preset, this synth is sure to inspire your creativity and be a huge part of your process.“

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DJs, Producers, Mixers & Remixers

“Nobody to Love”, “Changing” (ft. Paloma Faith), “Find Me”

The CLA Vocals plugin is the quickest way to get a professional-sounding vocal chain. Pure excellence.“


Drumsound & Bassline Smith

DJs, Producers, Mixers, Re-mixers

Utah Saints, Jeff Wayne, DJ Fresh

Element is fantastic at recreating the beautiful warmth and depth you only get from classic analog gear. Lots of inspiring presets, too!“


The Chemical Brothers

We’ve been using Waves plugins for years. From creative FX to surgical tools, they always deliver.“


The Crystal Method

DJs, Producers, Musicians

Almost Human, League of Legends, Bones, Community Service

The L3 MultiMaximizer is always the last plugin on my stereo bus chain. Incredibility versatile, not only does it make my tracks sound louder, it makes them sound better!“


The Glitch Mob

We’ve been using Waves plugins for over 10 years and they are still an integral part in our workflow today. From Enigma, MetaFlanger, R-Vox to H-Reverb, F6 and more. There are too many gems to list!“

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Brian Trifon

Composer, Sound Designer, Producer, Remixer

Halo Wars 2, Massive Chalice, Finishing Move Inc., Trifonic

I love using Codex, an exciting, fantastic-sounding wavetable synth, as well as Electric 88 and Electric 200, excellent samplings of the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos.“



DJs, Producers, Songwriters & Mixing Engineers

Waves plugins are the best solution for most of our mixing duties and sound design workflow.“



Musical Duo, Producers, DJs

The Chainsmokers, Armin Van Buuren, Adam Lambert

Waves plugins are a constant on our tracks: L3 is the final limiter on many Tritonal singles; H-Delay is our go-to tape delay plugin; SSL G-Master is the first on our master chain on most records.“


Armin van Buuren

DJ, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Remixer & Composer

You will find Waves plugins on almost every one of my mixes. H-Delay, H-Reverb, C6, SoundShifter and the Renaissance plugins are all essential tools for me.“


Ben Watkins

DJ/Producer, Composer, Engineer, Mixer, Re-Mixer

Juno Reactor, The Matrix OST

Waves’ new series of VIs is a pleasure for my arsenal of sound for Juno Reactor. I’m always looking for mind-bending sounds, yet it’s sometimes the simple ones that really shine. These pianos do that.“

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DJ’s, Producers, Songwriters, Mixers, Re-mixers

Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Blank & Jones, Ruben De Ronde

Waves plugins are part of our sound. They've become a main ingredient to our productions. We won't go without!“

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