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All About Summing

Aug 17, 2017 | 110,705 Views

Summing, whether analog or in the box, is one of the keys to getting a living, breathing, warm-sounding mix. In this masterclass, mixer Yoad Nevo (Sia) shares his deep knowledge of summing techniques, showing how to use them in a mix and taking viewers’ questions.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to summing
  • Calibrating external hardware for summing
  • Analog summing using a mixing desk
  • Digital summing using the NLS Non-Linear Summer plugin
  • Comparison between the NLS Nevo component and the original Neve desk on which it was modeled
  • How to use summing to add warmth and depth to a mix

This masterclass was originally streamed live August 15, 2017 as part of the Waves Open Sessions series.

Watch the previous masterclass in the series, Beat Production as Creative Inspiration.

Song: Nina Smith, “White Boards”

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