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About Andrew Scheps

Jan 08, 2014

A Long Island native who got his start playing jazz trumpet, Andrew Scheps has come a long way in his GRAMMY®-winning journey mixing records for such diverse artists as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Jay-Z and many others. After graduating from the Recording Engineering Program at the University of Miami, he spent some time working for Synclavier, one of the first digital synthesizers / samplers / workstations, then on the road with Stevie Wonder (as a keyboard tech) and Michael Jackson (mixing live sound), before settling in LA where he worked his way up to the esteemed position he holds today among his peers.

Having gotten into mixing a few years before the analog-to-digital revolution, Andrew brings a wide perspective and deep understanding of record production to every project he takes on. He works with a stunning collection of vintage gear at his Punkerpad West studio in Van Nuys, California, including a Neve BCM-10 with ten 1073s that were used for reference during the Scheps 73 plugin modeling process.

Employing a unique approach to making records that places dynamic human interaction above all, it’s clear why so many artists and producers with such varied styles choose to work with Andrew Scheps – he knows what’s at the core of making music come alive.

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