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Abbey Road Saturator Plugin – Quick Demo

Dec 02, 2019 | 90,497 Views

Hear the Waves Abbey Road Saturator in action, as it combines the musical analog saturation sounds we love from the vintage Abbey Road desks with excitement from the ultra-rare EMI TG12321 Compander module.

From time-proven saturation chains at Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Saturator provides inspiring saturation and distortion unlike any other device. Abbey Road Saturator models the original TG12321 Compander unit feeding into the crunchy tube REDD desk and the rounded solid-state TG12345 console for a one-of-a-kind saturation effect.
Hear Abbey Road Saturator used on vocals, drums and synths to see what this thing can do.

  • (0:06) Vocals
  • (0:17) Drums
  • (1:04) Synth Bass
  • (1:38) Clean Vocals

Music used in this video:

“Shatter Proof” by Change Request feat. Lailah Reich
Written by Neal Andrew Emil Gustafson, Adam Pickrell and Lailah Reich
Produced by Change Request
Fresh Meat Records 2019

“Beast in Cover” by Glass Lux
Emily Morse – Vocals; Alfonso Mayen – Programming

“Dreaming Away” by The Head of a Girl
Leigh Gorman – Guitar; Vince McAley – Drums
Produced by Glenn A. Dehmer
Demo created by mixing engineer Dan Zorn, Studio 11, Chicago