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7 Creative Ways to Supercharge Your Delay Effects

Aug 13, 2020 | 73,144 Views

Take your creative mixing skills up a level with these 7 cool delay production effects, which insert different effects before and after instances of Waves H-Delay.

Download the free presets for the plugin chains shown in this video. All of these chain presets can be loaded in the free StudioRack plugin chainer:

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Delay effects are among the quickest and easiest ways to instill a sense of depth in any track in a mix. Delay is also one of the best ways to add distance and separation between tracks – handy when a key track, such as a vocal or guitar solo, needs to stand forward in a busy-sounding mix.

H-Delay is a popular choice in the toolboxes of enthusiasts and pro producers alike. It’s super-simple to use and provides a broad array of delay characteristics, from subtle sounding echoes through to crunchy rhymical vibes. When pushed, it can produce complex-sounding otherworldly tape feedback textures.

However, some productions demand delay effects that require combining H-Delay, or any other similar delay plugin, with other effects.

In this video we introduce you to 7 cool delay production effects you can try for yourself, using an array of different effects plugins inserted before and after instances of H-Delay:

You will learn:

  • (2:22) How to soften and smear the sound of delays by running H-Delay into a hall reverb
  • (3:20) How to mangle the tone of delays by running delay into saturation
  • (4:10) How to create ear-catching pitch-shifted delays using SoundShifter or Waves Tune Real-Time before or after H-Delay
  • (5:16) How to create custom delay textures running H-Delay into GTR3 Stomp boxes
  • (6:25) How to add stereo interest far beyond the capabilities of ping-pong by running H-Delay into Brauer Motion.