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3D Monitor Mixing Available with Waves Nx

Jul 24, 2019

3D monitor mixing in real time, live on stage or in the studio, is now available with Waves’ immersive 3D audio plugins, Nx Virtual Mix Room and Abbey Road Studio 3, running in ultra-low latency on the Waves SoundGrid platform.

3D Monitor Mixing Available with Waves Nx

Great monitoring is the key to great performances, live or in the studio. Waves’ immersive 3D audio plugins—Nx Virtual Mix Room and Abbey Road Studio 3—are now both compatible with the Waves SoundGrid platform for real-time, low-latency audio processing and networking. This means that both plugins can now be used to send personalized 3D headphone and in-ear monitor mixes to multiple performers, for a wider, more spacious, more natural monitor sound that empowers great performances.

Nx Virtual Mix Room and Abbey Road Studio 3 are binaural audio plugins that deliver immersive spatial 3D sound over headphones. For live monitoring, this allows a more spacious monitor mix with a more natural stereo or surround image, with less ear fatigue and a more comfortable monitoring experience over long sessions or performances.

Both plugins work with the headphones or in-ears you already have, and are compatible with all Waves SoundGrid applications for the studio and live—the eMotion LV1 live mixer, MultiRack, and SoundGrid Studio. If you have a SoundGrid system with a SoundGrid server and a SoundGrid audio interface, there is no need to add expensive gear dedicated to 3D monitor mixing: simply run the plugins on your SoundGrid system.

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