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3 Waves Plugins Now Available in Steinberg Cubasis

Oct 01, 2017

We are pleased to announce the first Waves plugins available for iOS devices: Three Waves plugins – Q10 EQ, L1 Multimaximizer and AudioTrack – are now available for exclusive in-app purchase in the Steinberg Cubasis app for iPad.

Cubasis is Steinberg’s sequencer app for iPad, similar to its Cubase music production system, providing the same look and feel as well as project compatibility for easy import to Cubase. Cubasis provides all the required tools to arrange, mix and edit music productions, including many effects and hundreds of instrument sounds.

Waves now provides Cubasis with exclusive in-app purchases of three of its classic plugins: the Q10 Equalizer plugin, the AudioTrack channel strip plugin, and the L1 Ultramaximizer level maximizer/peak limiter plugin, enabling high-end studio quality on iPads. Each plugin can be purchased individually or together as a bundle from the Cubasis in-app store.

To learn more about Waves plugins for Cubasis, visit our audio plugins for iOS page.

Please note: the Cubasis in-app purchases of these three plugins are separate from purchases of the Mac/Windows versions of Q10, L1 and AudioTrack.