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3 Powerful Tricks for Mixing with StudioRack Without Plugins

Jul 09, 2020 | 21,784 Views

Waves StudioRack is a powerful plugin chainer – but dig deeper and you’ll find it’s a powerful plugin in its own right, for bass mixing, stereo imaging and more. In this video, Waves’ Dan Cooper demonstrates 3 powerful ways you can use just StudioRack in your sessions, without any additional plugins loaded inside:


  • 0:24 Bass Management: Quickly define the center image of bass and low-mids in your stereo content
  • 3:47 Multiband Stereo Imager: Explore creative ways of expanding a track's stereo image
  • 5:24 Stereo-to-Mono Switch: Be able to reference your stereo mix in mono for checking mono compatibility