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Young Guru: The Art of Subtractive EQ Part 2

Oct 19, 2020 | 5,454 Views

Mixing Multiple Vocalists

In this Waves Premium Masterclass, hip hop legend Young Guru (Jay Z, Beyoncé, The Carters) shares with you his signature vocal mixing techniques, and explains how you can master “the art of subtractive EQ.”

A modern hip hop, pop or R&B production often involves several vocalists on the same track. In Part 2 of his masterclass, Young Guru shows how he adjusts his signal chain to enhance each vocalist and make them gel, with one another and with the overall track.

Song used in this video: “All or Nothing”
Performed by J.Stone feat. Dave East & Alexandria Dopson
Written by J.Stone, Dave East, Alexandria Dopson
Produced by Artega
Mixed by Young Guru
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The music chosen by Young Guru for this masterclass contains explicit lyrics.
Waves is not liable for the artist’s lyrics or text and does not own the publishing rights or copyright to the featured music in any manner.

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