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Yoad Nevo on the Element Synthesizer

Jan 03, 2013

London-based Yoad Nevo leads a double life. In addition to his successful career as a producer/engineer for such artists as Air, Goldfrapp and Pet Shop Boys, Yoad is also is a longtime Waves developer, and was instrumental in the creation of Element.

"In my work, I use synthesizers quite a bit. Even though I have a large collection of analog synths, I'm always on the lookout for cool new virtual instruments. So when Waves decided to build a synth from the ground up, there were certain things I made sure it had. We knew we wanted to create a synth that would be straightforward and easy to use, so we started with a basic subtractive synthesis engine. We then developed the engine further, adding features and functions along the way, until it grew into a mature synth."

"Element provides fat sound right off the bat, but also has very comprehensive editing capabilities, which I used to create most of its presets. We made sure to include all its features on a single page: the step sequencer, modulation matrix and effects section, everything. Whether scrolling through presets of creating completely new sounds from scratch, we saw to it that Element would provide users with instant sonic gratification."

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