How to Switch a SoundGrid System between v9 and v10

Last updated on: 11/8/2018 1:10:31 PM

Installing/updating eMotion LV1 v10 will update all SoundGrid firmware and drivers to v10, which is not compatible with SoundGrid v9 software. Follow these instructions to switch your eMotion LV1 mixer, SoundGrid drivers and SoundGrid firmware from v10 to v9 and back:
As drivers are installed locally, remote drivers on other computers in your SoundGrid network can only be updated from the computer running that driver.

In order to use a remote computer, you will need to install the relevant driver on it via the Waves Central application. Choose one of these drivers: SoundGrid v9 ASIO/Core Audio Rec/PB Driver or SoundGrid v10 ASIO/Core Audio Rec/PB Driver, then launch the driver control panel and select the network to which to connect.

How to install SoundGrid v10

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How to go from SoundGrid v9 to SoundGrid v10

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