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How to set DELL Touchscreens for SoundGrid Apps on Mac

Last updated on: 12/31/2019 10:51:39 AM

If you are working on a Mac computer connected to a Dell touchscreen and are experiencing difficulties selecting plugins or inputs in eMotion Lv1, SuperRack, MultiRack, or SoundGrid Studio, follow these steps to improve the touchscreens’ response.

Dell Touchscreens on Mac require license-activated software named UPDD.

Please note that SoundGrid Apps can only support single-touch input on Macs using this software. Multi-touch operation is not supported.

If you have a Dell touchscreen connected to your Mac, the chances are that you already have this installed. If not, in order to improve the touchscreen response in Waves SoundGrid platforms, we highly recommend installing it and setting it as illustrated below.

  • Click the top-bar UPDD touch icon and click settings, it will open an UPDD Gestures Setting Window.
  • Go to Taps and Presses tab > Press section
  • Set to “Hold finger for 200 milliseconds for Press to occur”.


Now selecting plugins or inputs in Lv1, MultiRack SoundGrid or Native, or SoundGrid Studio will be much easier and more responsive.

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