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Gold Plus Subscription Plan

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  • Free plugin updates
  • Free courses included
Give your music a fully pro sound with 44 plugins powering the world’s top producers and mixers.
Produce & Mix Your Music Professionally
Get the pro sound you need with the plugins powering Grammy-winning productions. Limited time: Start your first 14 days free.
Power your music with the same production and mixing tools in tracks by Beyoncé to Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar to Drake
Get bonus plugins added on top of the standard Gold bundle; lifetime updates; plus two free mixing and music production courses
Expand your Gold Plus: Choose an extra 5 plugins from the massive Waves catalog, from Tune Real-Time to SSL: See 5-pack option
The Choice of Top Producers
Start Free with 44 Plugins

Vocal plugins. Compressors. EQs. Reverbs. Delays. Analog emulations. Bass enhancement. Top effects. Get the music industry’s most popular tools, powering over 1 million producers worldwide.

Gold Plus also adds two exclusive bonus plugins not included in the standard Gold bundle: the Infected Mushroom Pusher all-in-one quick mastering plugin, and the Flow Motion FM synth.

Bonus Plan


Gold Plus & Platinum Plus subscribers:

Choose an extra 5 plugins
from the massive Waves catalog

$7.99/month or $79.99/year

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The Gold Plus Sound
Produce with Top Quality Sound
Produce with Top Quality Sound
Produce your music with the best-sounding plugins in the music industry, from production powerhouses H-Delay and R-Verb to MaxxBass, Pusher and many more, to give your tracks the sheen and spark they need.
Mix Your Tracks Professionally
Shape your sound with the same tools used by top pros, including the music world’s best-sounding vocal shapers, EQs, compressors and more, to make sure every detail in your tracks gets the right treatment.
Mix Your Tracks Professionally
Created with GRAMMY® Winners
Created with GRAMMY® Winners
Waves plugins are developed with the world’s top producers and mixers, who contribute their personal expert knowledge, signature sounds, presets and designs.
Featured in Every Session
Featured in Every Session
Beyoncé. Billie Eilish. Drake. Kendrick Lamar. Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift. Waves plugins are on every song, every production, every session created today.
Lifetime Updates & Personal Support
Lifetime Updates & Personal Support
Get free updates for your plugins plus personal support: our expert tech support team is on call around the clock, directly by phone, to help you keep your creativity flowing.
Free Course: Producing & Mixing with Gold Plus
Free Mixing Courses Included
Each Gold Plus or Platinum Plus subscription comes with two mixing courses to help you advance your skills: Waves Mixing Foundations which takes you through the most critical building blocks of every successful mix; and the exclusive Mixing with Gold Plus, unavailable anywhere else. (Waves Mixing Foundations becomes available after your first payment.)
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get free plugin updates and full technical support when I get a Waves Music Maker Access subscription?

Can I cancel my Waves Music Maker Access subscription plan at any time?

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How do I install my subscription plugins?

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Can I pause my subscription plan and resume it later?

Can I upgrade my subscription plan’s bundle to a larger Waves bundle subscription?

Can I upgrade from regular Waves products that I already own to a Silver, Gold Plus or Platinum Plus subscription bundle?

How do I get the bonus Custom 5-Pack subscription?

Can I change plugins in my Custom 5-Pack subscription?

Can I purchase more than one Custom 5-pack subscription?

Waves Music Maker Access subscriptions cannot be combined with other offers, such as vouchers or coupons. Waves reserves the right to stop or change these offers at any time. Local sales taxes may apply to your monthly payments; if applicable local tax rates change during your subscription period, your monthly total will be updated accordingly.

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