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{"profile":{"dataSet":"Profile","profileID":2142,"handleID":2232,"userName":"","publicName":"rafa6g","bio":"I\u0027m a guy who has always had a huge passion for music. I started out experimenting with genres like EDM, techno, reggaeton and hip hop, but soon I realized that what really filled me up was metal. Now I produce my own musical projects in genres like metalcore, nu metal, progressive metal, etc. I love to explore the sound possibilities of this style and express my creativity through it.","prfUserGUID":"ec3048e9-1be5-41b4-a86a-5cf5baf1d5a9","handle":"rafa6g","imgExt":"jpg","httpStatus":200,"pageNumber":0,"numberOfPages":0,"itemModifiedWhen":"2023-07-01T23:18:12.5546134","presetID":0,"userID":4628788,"wavesClientID":0,"isUserOwner":false,"isVerified":false,"isIndex":true},"sites":[],"presets":[],"presetTags":[]}