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Stereo Bus Mixing Tips with Billie Eilish’s Live Sound Engineer

Oct 07, 2020 | 16,079 Views

The L/R mix is the most important mix for a live sound engineer, because it affects every other part of the mix.

In this video, FOH Engineer Drew Thornton (Billie Eilish) digs into his Main L/R bus processing chain for Billie Eilish’s live shows, breaking down his entire stereo bus chain inside the Waves SuperRack live plugin host

Drew takes you through different theories of mixing into the stereo bus, and explains how to best approach matrices for sending your live mix out.

Drew Thornton is the FOH engineer for Billie Eilish. Since the live concert industry shut down in March 2020, he started a project named A Sum of Two Busses. He will be diving into his front of house rig for Billie's live show. While using some virtual soundcheck he will be walking you through some of his tips, tricks, and approaches while demonstrating interesting things that the Allen and Heath's DLive console and Waves SuperRack has to offer. His goal is to make some fun and interesting videos focused around live sound mix engineering, the Dlive, Waves SuperRack and SoundGrid, and share some tips, tricks and theories regarding live sound.