Start Mixing with Plugins 6: Adding Reverb and Delay

August 21, 201612,277 Views


Learn how to use reverb and delay effects in order to make vocals, drums and other instruments sound bigger and give your tracks a sense of space and depth. You’ll learn:

  • How to use effects on an aux channel
  • How to get a bigger drum sound with reverb
  • How to find the right reverb settings for your track
  • How to add a sense of space to vocals and instruments and make your track sound wider
  • How to use delay in a way that will complement the music and won’t burden the mix

Watch the other chapters of Start Mixing with Plugins, created by Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution:

  1. Setting Up Your Master Buss
  2. Mixing Drums
  3. Mixing Bass
  4. Mixing Guitars and Synths
  5. Mixing Vocals
  6. Adding Reverb and Delay
  7. Pre-Mastering

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