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SoundGrid Studio Adds Monitoring Sync for REAPER and Bitwig

Jun 01, 2021

We are glad to announce that Waves’ SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack applications now feature automatic monitoring sync with REAPER and with Bitwig Studio. This new feature streamlines your REAPER and Bitwig workflows when recording and monitoring in low latency through SoundGrid Studio.

SoundGrid Studio Adds Monitoring Sync for REAPER and Bitwig

With this new integration, REAPER and Bitwig Studio users can now automatically switch SoundGrid Studio’s I/O routing and toggle StudioRack’s Input/Playback modes directly from their DAW, saving time on routing and configuration.

This new synergy between Waves applications and the two DAWs streamlines your workflow for channel routing and auto-configurations throughout the recording process. The automated DAW sync keeps your recording sessions flowing with fast, hassle-free channel routing and switching, which until now had to be done manually.

When the Enable INP/PB sync to DAW option is activated, StudioRack will automatically route itself to the channel inputs in REAPER and Bitwig Studio. Sync mode will also auto-assign StudioRack’s correct Input/Playback mode according to your channel’s monitor toggle.

SoundGrid Studio Adds Monitoring Sync for REAPER and Bitwig

These sync options enable even the most complicated multi-channel recording sessions to run quickly and smoothly, with no time wasted fussing through menus and buttons.

The new monitoring sync feature is part of a larger update to SoundGrid Studio, which also adds support for the MyMon personal monitor mixing app. With MyMon as part your SoundGrid Studio system, you can now give musicians direct control over their monitor mixes, via any mobile device: Learn how to set up MyMon with SoundGrid Studio.

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