SoundGrid Certification Courses

SoundGrid Certification Courses offer 3 levels of training: From dipping your toes in an online introduction course, through hands-on setup training, to gaining advanced expert knowledge of the system.

SoundGrid 101 — Introduction to SoundGrid

SoundGrid 101 covers all the basics: What SoundGrid is, its different uses, and the necessary components that comprise a SoundGrid setup.

To complete SoundGrid 101 certification:

  1. Watch two short videos, followed by an article that goes a bit deeper into the SoundGrid system.
  2. Complete the SoundGrid 101 test.


No prerequisites for this level.


SoundGrid 201 — In-Depth Training

SoundGrid 201 goes deep into the SoundGrid system. It covers networking, latency, and hands-on training in setting up a SoundGrid system — whether simple or complex.

To complete SoundGrid 201 certification, attend one of our In-Depth SoundGrid Training events.


SoundGrid 101 certification.


SoundGrid 301 — Advanced Training

SoundGrid 301 is the most advanced training level. It allows you to "look behind the curtain" of the SoundGrid technology and covers all of the intricacies of the SoundGrid system as a whole, as well as those of its separate components.

This advanced training provides the deep understanding and tools required to resolve issues and troubleshoot a SoundGrid system if necessary.

To complete SoundGrid 301 certification, attend one of our Advanced SoundGrid Training events.


SoundGrid 201 certification.