SoundGrid 301 Part 8: SoundGrid Network Bandwidth Capacity


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Please note: Completing SoundGrid 201 is a prerequisite to taking the SoundGrid 301 test.

Whether you are setting up one local SoundGrid network or a SoundGrid “super-system,” knowing and understanding the math around a SoundGrid system’s maximum capacity is essential.

The Numbers

256 input channels and 256 output channels can pass through a SoundGrid system at 96 kHz.

How do we calculate this?

1Gbit per second equals 1 trillion bits per second. SoundGrid sees one sample of audio as 32 bits. Divide one trillion by 32, and you get 31,250,000 samples per second.

To know how many channels we can use, take the number of samples and divide it by the sample rate.

For 96 kHz, you can technically fit 325 channels. SoundGrid allows 256 channels, since we reserve the rest of the space for data packets.

If you are using 44 or 48 kHz, you have a maximum of 512 channels.

Note that sharing is supported only on two systems

For example, a 128-input DiGiGrid MGB audio interface patched to two hosts will use half the 1GB network capacity of the SoundGrid network. In this case, the device will output 128 x 2 channels = 256 channels (at 48 kHz).

In another example, we have a SoundStudio STG-2412 interface, which has 24 analog outputs. If we send those 24 output channels to two SoundGrid systems, and each of those also has a SoundGrid driver that records the output, we end up with 24 x 2 x 2 = 96 channels.

Channel Traffic: Summary

Taking a step back, here are the basics that help you understand maximum channel traffic.

The maximum number of channels that can pass through a SoundGrid DSP server is 128 (although eMotion LV1 allows for two extra voices for talkback).

Most SoundGrid-compatible interfaces have a limited number of input and output channels: 64 inputs and 64 outputs; however, DiGiGrid MGB and MGO interfaces can reach 128 channels by adding two streams of 64 channels per box. Another exception is the A&H M-Waves V3 SoundGrid card, which is also capable of 128 channels.

A computer running the SoundGrid Driver Control Panel can pass 128 channels.

Lastly, remember – a SoundGrid-qualified network switch can handle a limited date rate, regardless of the number of available ports.

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