SoundGrid 301 Part 2: What Is SoundGrid (and Why It Is Important)


Please note: Completing SoundGrid 201 is a prerequisite to taking the SoundGrid 301 test.

SoundGrid is a network protocol developed by Waves Audio for transferring audio between devices on a 1Gbit Ethernet network.

The motivation and goals during development were to create a platform that could handle real-time monitoring with DSP processing, while being able to transfer audio over the network at consistent low latency.

The two things combined make the Waves SoundGrid Audio-Over-Ethernet network protocol stand out from other systems, because it is the only network in the audio industry that can handle both networking and DSP simultaneously, with consistently reliable ultra-low latency.

Waves SoundGrid lets a user transport high-quality multi-channel audio and connect multiple SoundGrid-compatible audio interfaces, mixing consoles, computers running DAWs, and DSP servers—all using standard Cat 5e/Cat 6 or Cat7 Ethernet cables.