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Automatic feedback elimination for clearer live sound
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Eliminate Feedback Automatically in Live Shows


Feedback is despised by everyone—audience, performers, and live sound engineers. Fortunately, X-FDBK doesn’t like feedback either, and will do everything possible to eliminate it, efficiently and automatically—in a way that dramatically reduces your setup time.

X-FDBK helps you ring out the PA quickly and accurately, in a set-it-and-forget-it way. The plugin identifies the main frequencies that cause feedback, and notches them out automatically—so you can get on with the show, and start mixing.

  • Get clearer, louder, feedback-free sound from your monitors and PA
  • X-FDBK automatically cuts the frequencies that cause feedback
  • Regain several dB’s of extra headroom before feedback occurs
  • Automated setup requires only one person to ring out the PA
  • Up to 20 filters are available to notch feedback frequencies
  • Automatically optimizes filter bandwidth and amount of cut
  • Compensate for unexpected changes, with global filter controls
  • Display analyzes incoming audio, and overlays notch filter responses
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What Top Pros Are Saying
  • Chris Stephens
    “My artist is in front of the PA for half of the show, and X-FDBK makes ringing out his mic so easy and perfectly transparent. “
    Chris Stephens
    FOH Engineer
    Jason Aldean
  • Stephen Bailey
    “X-FDBK rings out live mics faster and more accurately than the world’s most experienced human sound engineer ever could. I use it together with the Primary Source Expander plugin – thanks to this brilliant combination, having vocals 50 feet in front of a PA at full volume is no longer an issue. “
    Stephen Bailey
    FOH Engineer
    Matt Redman, Rend Collective, Passion, Martin Smith
  • Yamil Martínez
    “X-FDBK is the answer to my prayers. It takes away only the necessary frequencies, allowing me to control the acoustic guitar during my shows no matter where the capo is placed, maintaining a big, full sound with no feedback. “
    Yamil Martínez
    FOH, Studio Engineer, Producer
    Alex Campos, Ana Gabriel, Ricky Martin, Tommy Torres