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Control percussive sounds with detailed transient shaping
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Tight Transient Shaping, with Detailed Multiband Control


Trans-X gives you pinpoint control over the transient-heavy percussive sounds in your mix: Make drums softer, or punchier. Give your acoustic guitars more attack. Make electric bass smoother, or more aggressive. Harness transient shaping to move sounds forward or further back in the mix.

Trans-X can do all that on individual tracks—but its Multiband mode also splits audio into 4 separate bands, each with independent transient shaping. Even if you’re dealing with a stereo 2-track with no individual tracks or stems, you can still harden the kick while softening acoustic guitar strums; or tighten your bass while helping your percussion get more gentle.

Detect transients based on duration and level, then start shaping: Trans-X shapes transients like nothing else.

  • Make mixes more alive and dramatic, or more subdued
  • Revive the punch and power in drum loops and percussion
  • Wideband mode for traditional, single-band transient control
  • Multiband mode, with four individually editable bands
  • Affect transients that fall only within certain levels and durations
  • Focus on specific frequencies by editing band ranges
  • Phase-compensated crossover minimizes filter coloration
  • Shape transients with gain and release time parameters
  • 25 presets from top engineers covering common mixing needs
  • Choose the amount of pluck prominence for guitar and bass
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