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Abbey Road REDD Consoles

Vintage valve console channel strips from the legendary studios
Image for Abbey Road REDD Consoles

Three Classic Tube Console Strips: The Crunchy 60s POP Sound

In the 60s world of limited channels and tube-driven audio, the REDD consoles—custom-built by Abbey Road’s in-house Record Engineering Development Department—brought silky-smooth EQ, extraordinary warmth, and the ability to deliver serious punch and character when needed.

Designed in close collaboration with Abbey Road, REDD models the colorful, raw REDD.17, as well as the upgraded REDD.37 and the legendary REDD.51, complete with the famous in-house-built REDD.47 pre-amps.

  • Three console channel strips with different characters
  • Make bass, drums, guitars, synths, and loops “pop” with warmth
  • Turn up the REDD drive for that raw, hard 60s sound
  • REDD.17 and REDD.37 model the enduring Siemens V72 tube amps
  • Minimalist, yet highly musical, equalization controls
  • REDD.51 model the legendary REDD.47 tube pre-amps
Watch It in Action

Pick a Pair of Pivotal Preamps

  • Three Seminal Flavors from the 60s

    REDD.17 is best-suited for harder-hitting sounds: Crank the High and Low frequencies to max and let it rip. REDD.37 and REDD.51 are more refined and versatile—you can slam them hard before the sound starts to blur. Each desk models two channels for stereo processing.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Tube Desks for a Huge Sound

    Used to record all the Beatles albums up to 1969, as well as other legends like the Hollies and Pink Floyd, the REDD desks emulate the vintage warm vibes only tubes can provide. In a modern workflow these desks add a unique color to synth patches and loops. Be sure to use both channels 1 and 2 simultaneously for extra depth and width.

  • Titantic Console Tone

    REDD.37-51’s Pop Tone mode changes the high-frequency shelf to a punchy, present bell curve, while the Classic Tone mode is truly diaphanous. And, turn up Bass Lift to really push kick or bass for dance music and hip-hop.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation

Abbey Road Studios and REDD and their associated logos are trade marks of EMI (IP) Limited.