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OneKnob Driver

Saturate your tracks, from light overdrive to full-on distortion
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Subtle Crunch, Brutal Overdrive, and Everything in Between


There’s a lot going on behind this deceptively simple knob. Turn it up, and distortion goes from nothing, to 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion, and finally to heavy 3rd harmonic distortion. Meanwhile, EQ tracks the crunch to boost just the right frequencies at the right settings.

OneKnob Driver is like having several guitar overdrive pedals, but with one knob across all their overdrive characteristics. And as many have discovered—overdrive is definitely not only for guitars.

  • Level, EQ, and saturation are optimized to work together
  • Multiple sonic variations as you turn the knob
  • Much more convenient than trying out multiple overdrive pedals
  • A favorite for kick, bass, and even vocals
  • Transitions from traditional analog sound to digital at higher settings
  • Makes rhythm guitars and aux channels come alive in a mix
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