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Lofi Space

Lofi-style reverb and delay plugin
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Echo and Reverb with Lofi Attitude


Most reverbs spend their lives shyly in the background. Lofi Space is primed to steal the stage. With Echo to create rhythms, and Spring or Plate reverbs for a twisted metallic vibe, playing with the controls starts feeling more like a brash musical instrument with attitude than just an “effect.”

For hip hop, R&B, or rock—Lofi Space’s in-your-face sounds hit hard and add character. For DJs, “playing” space like a dance floor beat is a dream come true. When you want to stop being polite with your sound, hit Lofi Space.

  • Saturated delay up to 3500 ms, with BPM or DAW sync
  • Spring or plate reverb, with decay from 0.5 to 20 seconds
  • Mix knob, plus independent reverb and delay control
  • Adjustable echo feedback and ping-pong delay on/off
  • Stereo slimmer for a more vintage sound
  • Tweak the timbre with highpass and lowpass filters
  • 133 super presets by top hip hop, R&B, rock producers
  • Fantastic for sound design—feed in pink noise, and start tweaking
Watch It in Action