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H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb

Lush reverb sounds with unlimited tweakability
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Reverb Unlimited: Algorithmic andConvolution Reverb Combined


H-Reverb creates an entirely new class of deep, rich, and realistic reverb, by augmenting the rich flexibility of algorithmic reverb with the lifelike realism of convolution technology. From simple rooms to complex halls—and beyond—H-Reverb sets the standard for unparalleled flexibility.

With H-Reverb you can create natural-sounding effects—or innovative ones that take liberties with linear space and time. But it doesn’t stop there. With added EQ, compression, ducking, de-essing, modulation, overdrive, resonance, and pre/post delay—H-Reverb enables you to chisel your reverb effects with unprecedented control.

  • Flexibility to create the sound of classic or contemporary reverb
  • Combines two powerful reverb technologies
  • Pre-delay BPM sync for rhythmic effects
  • FIR engine lets you shape non-linear decay for flexible effects
  • EQ, dynamics, modulation, decay envelope control, damping, more
  • Collapse the interface for basic controls—or expand to dive deep
  • Over 240 stunning presets from world-class engineers
  • Full timing and shaping of the reverb buildup
  • Mono, stereo, 5.0 and 5.1 surround options
Watch It in Action

Create Reverb Effects with Complete Control

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    H-Reverb marries the flexibility, sweetness, and editability of algorithmic reverb with the real-world sound of convolution technology. The collapsed GUI lets you shape sweet reverb effects quickly with control over the reverb buildup, size, early reflections and tail, plus pre-delay with BPM sync and a Dry/Wet mix control.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Control Your Reverb’s Dynamics

    But you can also go deeper: Expand the GUI, and a world of possibilities appears. Duck the reverb, so the tail comes up in the spaces between phrases. Or de-ess, to keep sibilants from hissing and spitting. Or compress, to smooth the dynamics. Even add a contemporary edge with overdrive distortion.

  • Add Delicious Delays

    Combining delay with reverb is a pro studio “secret ingredient.” H-Reverb takes the concept further. Create pre- or post-reverb delays, choose 10 different early reflection characters, and sync pre-delay to BPM.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Shape Reverb Tone with ER Filters

    H-Reverb includes a detailed built-in EQ. But it also gives you ER filters that let you shape your reverb’s tone by controlling the material of the surfaces from which your sound would be reverberating—ffecting how much high-frequency content gets absorbed before sound is reflected back.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Eclectic Extras

    Shape the reverb envelope. Innovate with resonant filter sweeps. Add sophisticated filtering and split-frequency damping. Modulate amplitude and frequency. Bit-reduce for vintage lo-fi, and add analog modeling.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Over 240 Presets for Vocals, Drums, and Beyond

    Call up one of the 240+ presets, then tailor the most-used controls in the streamlined interface. H-Reverb’s preset library provides a vast collection of halls, rooms, plates and nonlinear reverb presets created by top-tier sound engineers.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers