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Eddie Kramer Drum Channel

Multi-effect for classic rock drum sounds
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Classic Drum Sounds from the Legendary Producer for Hendrix and Zeppelin


Eddie Kramer’s acclaimed production and engineering with Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones tells all you need to know about his drum sound. For a huge Zep-like sound drenched in atmosphere, to a squashed Hendrix sound, to dirty like the Stones, Eddie’s drum expertise can now grace your projects.

Designed for multi-tracked drums, the Drum Channel captures Eddie Kramer’s drum mixing chains in detail. The plugin has optimized settings for toms, kick, snare, high-hat, overheads, and room mics—everything you need to make each part of the kit come alive.

  • Character-filled compression for drum sounds of the 60s & 70s
  • Optimized for individual drum tracks, from kick & snare to overheads
  • Gate to clean up drums, trim decay, and tame ringing toms
  • FX Send tailors effects for individual drum sounds
  • Tweak tone with finely tuned bass and treble controls
  • Add a vintage veneer to old-school analog electronic drum sounds
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