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C1 Compressor

Compression, expansion, gating, dynamic filtering in one plugin
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Dynamics with Maximum Flexibility


The classic C1 combines a musically pleasing dynamics sound with rich features and functionality: Compression, expansion, upward expansion, gating, dynamic filtering, sidechaining, and internal sidechain filtering—all in one plugin.

C1 isn’t about ‘color’—it’s about solving problems. The clean, neutral sound complements any sound, because its sole goal is to deliver every type of dynamics processing any project needs.

  • Soft knee compression avoids the “squashed” sound of other types
  • Built-in limiter sets a ceiling for the maximum output level
  • Look-ahead function anticipates level changes correctly
  • Auto-release ensures correct dynamics tracking
  • Auto-makeup maintains levels for light or heavy compression
  • Parameter linking for ease of editing settings
  • Dynamics processing linking preserves cross-channel balance
  • Offers up to 3 sidechains to which any number of channels can link
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