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BB Tubes

Beautiful to Beastly Tube Saturation
Image for BB Tubes

Make Your Vocals and Instruments Jump Out of the Speakers


There’s nothing quite like the magic of huge-sounding analog tube saturation—and this one must be heard to be believed. An original-design plugin from our Magma series, the unique blend of the BEAUTY and BEAST knobs offers a versatile sonic pallet from delicate to beyond aggressive, to help you create expensive-sounding productions.

You’ll find BB Tubes is incredibly addictive. Once you start using it on your drums, vocals, guitars, bass, synths, mix bus and absolutely everything, it’s hard to go back. Incredible tones are simple to dial in without overthinking, and parts will simply feel “finished” in the mix far quicker than before.

  • Huge-sounding analog tube saturation, subtle to aggressive
  • Original Waves Maqma design and modeling of cascading tube stages
  • BEAUTY knob perfect for delicate harmonic saturation
  • BEAST knob for aggressive in-your-face distortion
  • Blend BEAUTY and BEAST for an exception range of tones
  • Transformer adds a pleasing colored low-end bump
  • Tube soft-clipping creates extremely loud mixes, quickly
  • Tone section—pre- and post-saturation hi-shelf EQ
  • Bass Relief keeps just the low end clean from the tube saturation
  • Sensitivity lets you control how the signal hits the tubes
Watch It in Action

Bring Your Music to Life with Tube Saturation

  • The Waves Magma Sound: Analog Like Never Before

    The Magma sound was born in Waves’ treasure trove of analog circuitry, and the magic comes from the extraordinary blend of tubes & transformers. BEAUTY cascades into BEAST—so tune and tweak them for an enormous range of saturation sounds.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • BEAUTY for Delicate Harmonics

    This even-harmonics BEAUTY knob is perfect for delicate saturation, where you just want to make a sound blossom before it breaks up. You’ll hear an instant roundness, fatness and glow with this knob, and an unmistakably huge low-mid.

  • BEAST for Aggressive Energy

    This odd-harmonics BEAST knob gives you that immediate in-your-face energy, attitude and aggression, all the way to crunch distortion. Even when broken up the sound feels controlled and not muddy. There’s also an A/B switch to select between two different tube types.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Sensitivity: True Analog Reaction

    Even with BEAUTY and BEAST untouched, running audio through the plugin achieves natural tube compression and harmonic distortion. Use the Sensitivity to control how hard you’re hitting the tubes – the adjustments are gain compensated.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Soft Clipping = Instant Loudness

    Use this plugin to get incredibly loud mixes, fast. The soft clipping of the tubes brings down transient peak levels, while dramatically increasing perceived loudness.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material