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  • Nx for Mac & Windows
    • Q: What content can I hear in 3D audio using the Nx app?
      A: Absolutely all content played on your desktop or laptop: movies, music, games (even voice conversations), regardless of the source – streaming services, your computer’s library, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.
    • Q: Does Waves Nx support 5.1 and 7.1 surround playback?
      A: Yes, Nx fully supports true 5.1 and 7.1 surround on your headphones, on any content designed for surround playback.
    • Q: Can I exclude applications from playing back through Nx?
      A: No, this is a global system setting – once Nx is installed, all audio on your computer is processed by Nx (when Nx is on), or none (when Nx is off).
    • Q: Why is head tracking important?
      A: Even your tiniest head movements help create and sustain the 3D audio experience. Without head tracking, the virtual sound sources will not maintain a fixed position in the virtual 3D space – when you move your head, the sound-scene will move with you. As a result, the 3D audio experience will be diminished, especially over long listening periods.
    • Q: How does the Waves Nx app track my head movements?
      A: Using either your computer’s webcam or the Nx Head Tracker device. For more on the Nx Head Tracker, see below.
    • Q: Can I use Nx with my earbuds?
      A: Yes. The Waves Nx app works with any set of headphones or earbuds. If you are using earbuds, you will need to use your computer’s camera for head tracking, and not the Nx Head Tracker, which must be attached to the arc of over-the-ear headphones.
    • Q: How many times can I activate a Waves Nx serial?
      A: Every serial can be activated up to 3 times.
    Nx for Mobile
    • Q: What can I listen to with the Nx iOS and Android apps?
      A: Currently you can use the Nx mobile apps to play music stored on your device, synced to your device from iTunes (if you are using an iOS device), or streamed from SoundCloud. We’ll be adding support for additional streaming services in the near future.
    • Q: Can I combine tracks from my device's library and from SoundCloud in a single playlist?
      A: Yes, you can.
    • Q: Can I play games and watch movies using the Nx mobile app?
      A: No, the current mobile app supports music playback only. Video support will be added in the future.
    • Q: Can I apply the Nx effect to the audio output of other mobile apps?
      A: No, currently Android and iOS do not let one app process the output of another (except for some music creation apps).
    • Q: How is head tracking done on mobile?
      A: With the compact Nx Head Tracker device which attaches to over-the-ear headphones.
    • Q: Can I listen to Apple Music through the app?
      A: Content that is streamed or downloaded through Apple Music is DRM protected, and cannot be accessed by other music apps.
    Nx Head Tracker
    • Q: What are the advantages of the Nx Head Tracker vs. using my webcam for head tracking?
      A: There are several advantages:
      • The Nx Head Tracker is faster and more accurate, providing a smoother tracking experience than a computer camera.
      • With a webcam, you are limited to using Nx on a stationary device, for example a desktop computer, and you must be facing the camera at all times. With the Nx Head Tracker you can track your head movements while you are moving around, for example using a mobile device.
      • A webcam can only track your head movements in ±30 degrees. The Nx Head Tracker can track them in full 360 degrees.
      For a detailed comparison, see the “Overview” tab at the bottom of the Nx Head Tracker webpage.
    • Q: Where do I buy a head tracker?
      A: Through the Nx Head Tracker webpage.
    • Q: Does Waves Nx work with other head trackers or head tracking applications (TrackIR, OpenIR)?
      A: No, the Waves Nx applications can only connect to the dedicated Nx Head Tracker.
  • Nx for Mac & Windows
    • Q: I bought the Waves Nx app for Windows/Mac, but the application is still listed as a trial version.
      A: Please click the ‘Buy now’ link in the app interface, and enter your serial number into the pop-up activation window that appears.
    • Q: Nx sounds like it is working and the head model is tracking my movements via the Nx Head Tracker or webcam, but the left and right sides are flipped.
      A: Audio enhancements such as stereo processing for headphones will cause issues with the 3D audio experience created by Waves Nx. Some Windows systems enable such stereophonic headphone audio enhancements by default. In order to fix this issue, please disable all audio enhancements via the Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab:
      1. In the Playback tab, select your computer’s built-in audio device and click on ‘Properties.’
      2. In the Enhancements tab, checkmark ‘Disable all enhancements.’
      Third-party virtual surround effects for headphones should also be disabled when using Waves Nx. Please contact the relevant manufacturer to learn how you can disable such enhancements when using Waves Nx.
    Nx for Mobile
    • Q: I’ve paired the Nx Head Tracker with my mobile device, but the Waves Nx app doesn’t recognize it.
      A: The Nx Head Tracker should not be paired directly with your mobile device – pairing is done through the ‘Tracker Setup’ screen in the app itself.
    • Q: I can’t see the app’s player screen.
      A: Add some tracks to the play cue, and the player will be displayed automatically.
    • Q: How can I know if my head movements are being tracked?
      A: On the player screen, click the ‘CD cover’ icon to toggle between album art display and the 3D head display. The 3D head model mirrors your head movements as tracked by the Nx Head Tracker device
    • Q: The Nx Head Tracker seems to be connected, but head tracking is not working.
      A: Verify that the Nx Head Tracker battery is not empty.
    • Q: I’ve chosen my ‘Nx Tracker’ in the Tracker Settings screen, but connection cannot be completed.
      A: Disable and re-enable the app’s Bluetooth scanning.
    • Q: I hear some clicks on the audio playback
      A: There are a multitude of Android devices, and each carries different hardware and software. Not all of them are able to meet the Nx processing load. Please contact Waves Tech Support and let us know your device model, so we can make sure that future updates of the app will work with it.
    • Q: I get a message about “low-latency audio” when I start the app.
      A: Your Android device must have the “low-latency audio” feature in order to guarantee minimal latency between the time your head moves and the resultant effect on the audio. Not all Android devices support it.
    • Q: I’ve synced music from my computer to my mobile, but the Nx app doesn’t display it.
      A: Open ‘Settings.’ Under ‘Music,’ make sure that ‘iCloud Music Library’ is disabled.
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