Waves is the world-leading developer of audio DSP technologies for professional sound productions and consumer electronics. Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY®, top professionals rely on Waves to create industry leading content. Leveraging over 25 years of achievement in professional audio, Waves offers intelligent technologies to ensure exceptional audio experience on consumer electronic devices.
To make Waves that sound across the shores of expectations. To listen and learn and bring the best to pro audio creation. To go beyond, delivering that experience to all. To support partners who hear the future call. We make Waves, smart and true, to inspire every aspect of you.
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Spearheading the 3D Audio Revolution
Drawing on its decades of audio innovation, Waves has developed Nx technology to let listeners experience real-world 3D audio on any headphones. Nx technology has received rave reviews by the audio/tech community:
Audio fanzine
“A revolution. Nx adds the missing three-dimensionality to headphones.”
“Nx imposes a 3D surround sound to your stereo headphones. This feature [is] insanely cool.”
“Nx lulls you into a sense of spaciousness that really does feel like you’re in a room. You’ll hear the difference immediately.”
Resident advisor
“Waves are one of the most respected companies in the game, and their expertise is evident in Nx's sound.”
Music tech
“Boom. Product of the show. This thing recreates a room inside your headphones... A game changer.”
Revolutionizing Audio in Consumer Electronics
Waves’ sound enhancement technologies are used by the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronic devices to provide premium audio experiences on desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones.
Hyper x
What the Experts Are Saying
Here is what leading publications have had to say about Waves’ impact on the audio experience on desktops, laptops and mobile phones:
pc world
“Audio sounds excellent with lots of depth and bass.”
ny times
“Audio products that look as great as they sound.”
“The audio is among the best in its class.”
“The quality of sound is unparalleled. Rich, full, warm, round… whatever word you prefer to describe luxurious audio.”
“the audio is impressive. you’re faced with a loud, clear sound with plenty of depth.”
Digital trends
“The speakers are excellent, barking out strong audio at maximum volume and pleasing, crisp sound at lower levels.”
“[The device] plays very loudly for its size, with nice punch to its bass. Fared better in our tests than many speakers in this and greater price ranges.
Ttom hardware
“A huge improvement in audio quality, clearly a step above what is found on many other smartphones.”
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