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Can you make a $40 microphone sound expensive with plugins?

Jun 24, 2024 | 23,268 Views

When recording vocals, inspiration starts the moment you hit record. In this video, Bradley Denninston shows you how to build a vocal recording chain you can record live through using Waves plugins. Watch and see how a $40 microphone can be transformed into a stellar studio sound you’d think was recorded with a much more expensive mic.

In this video:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:23 Dialing in a vocal chain for specific genres
  • 2:25 Hearing the microphone before any processing
  • 3:30 Setting the compression on CLA-76
  • 5:02 Shaping vocal EQ with SSL EQ
  • 7:15 Adding vocal effects with CLA vocals
  • 8:52 Before and after vocal comparison

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