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Waves Creative Access subscriptions 2nd License Terms & Conditions
Coming November 1, 2023.

Last updated on: 08/14/2023

Eligibility: Beginning November 1, 2023, you will receive a 2nd license for any active Waves Creative Access subscription (Waves Essential or Waves Ultimate, annual or monthly plans).

Registration: 2nd licenses are automatically registered to your account and can be activated via Waves Central, in the same account to which the Waves Creative Access subscription belongs.

Expiration: The 2nd license will become inactive at the same time that the main subscription license becomes inactive, whether canceled voluntarily, or canceled due to a failed payment.

Terms of Use: The 2nd license is for use by the owner of the main product license only.

Returns: If you return a product, both the main license and the 2nd license are returned automatically.