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How to NAIL Vocal Compression: One Compressor or Two?

Jul 26, 2021 | 234,150 Views

Compressing vocals with one plugin can either not do enough, or do too much and suck the life out of your voice. Is serial compression the answer? No, we have a better, foolproof method. Watch how!

Want to know how the pros get their vocal tracks sitting upfront in a mix? The key is to stack two compressors in series with one clamping down on loud peak moments with the other acting as a glue to help softer moments cut through the mix.

This is a tried a tested method, BUT, there’s an alternative way to double bagging compression that’s simpler, all within one plugin, sounds super transparent and can be set in less than 3 clicks of a mouse. Want to know what this plugin is and how it can revolutionise your vocal mixing chain?

Watch this video to learn one of the BEST kept vocal compressor plugin secrets around.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:16 Why compression of vocals is essential
  • 1:06 Too much vs. too little compression – What to watch out for
  • 1:58 Why using two compressors on vocals is smart
  • 2:43 The dual compressor your vocal tracks are missing
  • 3:55 Mystery vocal compressor plugin control tour
  • 5:22 Hear more examples