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How To Mix LUSH Sounding Vocal Delay Throws

Jul 08, 2024 | 212 Views

Looking to make certain words or phrases pop out in your vocal tracks? Why not add some delay throws in your mix? This technique, which creates unique echo effects on specific words in a melody is a fantastic production trick for adding dramatic emphasis and depth to your tracks.

In this video, Austin Hull guides you through the process of mixing lush sounding vocal delay throws. Not only will you learn the basics of delay, we also introduce you to additional plugins that take this essential mixing technique to the next level. From automating formant pitch shifting, dialling in movement within the stereo field, adding extra space with reverb, Austin Hull covers it all.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:31 Song Preview
  • 0:55 Setting up your session
  • 1:58 #1 Dialing in wide doubler effects
  • 2:21 #2 Dialing in delay effects
  • 3:02 #3 Dialing in formant pitch shifting
  • 3:25 #4 Adding reverb for extra depth
  • 4:05 #5 Adding movement within the stereo field
  • 4:26 #6 Using EQ to set the tone
  • 4:49 Hear the full Delay Throw effect
  • 4:55 Additional shaping of the effect
  • 6:41 Sign off

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