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WSG Bridge Server One-C SuperRack Combo for Dante

The WSG Bridge, combined with SuperRack and the SoundGrid Server One-C server, is the key to real-time processing over a Dante network. Now you can stream up to 64 audio channels from Dante to SoundGrid for processing and back.

This combo includes everything you need to start using Waves' award-winning plugins in ultra-low latency: SoundGrid Server One-C DSP server, WSG Bridge, SuperRack, an 8-port network switch, two Cat 6 network cables, and 5 must-have Waves plugins to cover your essential needs.
  • Real-time processing over a Dante network
  • Stream up to 64 channels between Dante and SoundGrid
  • Includes: WSG Bridge for Dante, SoundGrid Server One-C DSP server, SuperRack host application, 5 essential Waves plugins, 8-port network switch, two Cat 6 Ethernet cables