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SoundGrid Connect Combo: Horizon + Proton Server

Supercharge your studio with more processing power and mix with more plugins using the audio interface you already have. This combo includes the Horizon bundle (83 plugins), the SoundGrid Proton DSP server, and the SoundGrid Studio 64-channel software mixer.

Tired of freezing tracks, removing plugins, and compromising your creativity—just because your computer can’t handle all the plugins you want to use? With the SoundGrid Connect combo, you can mix creatively without being limited by your computer’s CPU (view Proton DSP server benchmarks).

The super-popular Horizon includes the must-have Vocal Rider; the warm vintage sound of Waves’ analog-modeled plugins, including CLA-2A , CLA-76, Kramer Tape, PuigChild and PuigTec; state-of-the-art mastering tools such as L2 and L3, to give your projects that final power and punch; popular studio classics including H-Delay and the entire Renaissance series; and much more – all in one bundle.

This combo also includes the SoundGrid Proton Server – a compact audio processing unit dedicated to running your plugins. By offloading all processing from your computer’s CPU to the server, you can use more plugins in your mixes and productions, without being limited by your computer’s processing power.

Thanks to ‘SoundGrid Connect’ – a feature of the server’s accompanying SoundGrid Driver software – you can make practically any audio interface* ‘speak’ SoundGrid, so you don’t have to replace your existing setup in order to make your sessions SoundGrid-powered.

As a bonus, you get the premium 64-channel version of the SoundGrid Studio + eMotion ST mixer software. If you are considering getting a SoundGrid audio interface or upgrading to a bigger SoundGrid system – the 64-channel SoundGrid Studio will allow you to take maximum advantage of your SoundGrid setup for real-time recording and monitoring with plugins.

* Compatible with any ASIO/Core Audio interface supporting multi-client operation and 44.1–96 kHz. To offload plugin processing to your SoundGrid server while using a non-SoundGrid audio interface, follow these instructions.