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Nx Virtual Studio Collection + Nx Head Tracker

The Nx Virtual Studio Collection brings you the acoustic environments of the world’s best studios to your own set of headphones in immersive spatial audio. Head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker device enhances realism.

Monitor your mixes with precision acoustic models of world-class studios including Ocean Way Nashville, Chris Lord Alge’s Mix LA, Germano Studios New York (originally The Hit Factory), and the original Nx Virtual Mix Room – for reliable referencing in superior acoustic environments.

This combo includes the Nx Head Tracker Bluetooth device, which attaches to your headphones and tracks your head movements with high precision. Whether used on its own or in conjunction with your webcam, the Nx Head Tracker enhances the immersive experience of being inside the Nx virtual studio rooms.
  • Headphone mixing plugins for stellar acoustic referencing on any set of headphones
  • The acoustics & monitoring systems of world-renowned studios
  • 4 studios, 12 monitoring systems
  • High-precision head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker
  • Cross-check your mixes at Ocean Way Nashville, CLA’s Mix L.A., Germano Studios New York, and the original Nx Virtual Mix Room
  • Reliable reference for mix depth, balance, panning, reverb, low end
  • Powered by Waves Nx immersive audio technology