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Audeze Mobius 3D Headphones + Nx

When using Mobius with the Abbey Road Studio 3, Nx or B360 plugins, head tracking is currently available via your computer camera or a Waves Nx Head Tracker.

Audiophile 3D headphones with built-in Waves Nx technology for immersive 3D audio, complete with integrated high-precision head tracking. Combo also includes the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin for 3D audio on any headphones.

Designed to deliver audiophile-grade sound, Mobius combines Audeze’s award-winning planar magnetic driver design with Waves Nx technology for high-fidelity 3D audio. The result is a fully realistic spatial sonic experience in stereo or surround, for gaming, listening, music making and more.

Mobius’ built-in head tracker accurately locates sources in the 3D soundfield as your head position changes; by tracking even your tiniest head movements, 1000 times per second, Mobius changes the sound dynamically as you move.

Mobius also easily interfaces with the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin, enabling further customization and control over the 3D soundfield, including adjustable speaker positions, controllable room ambience and custom anatomy calibration. In addition, the Nx plugin allows lets you monitor 360/VR audio in Ambisonics B-format. As a bonus, you can also use the Nx plugin to enjoy immersive 3D sound on any set of regular stereo headphones.
  • Includes Audeze Mobius 3D Headphones and the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin
  • Use Mobius on its own for immersive stereo or surround 3D audio, or together with the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin to further control the 3D soundfield
  • Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin also enables 3D audio on any set of headphones
  • Monitor any source on headphones with high-fidelity localized sound and precision head tracking