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eMotion LV1 on Tour with Young the Giant

May 30, 2024 | 3,532 Views

Learn how FOH engineer Lloyd Williams mixes rock band Young the Giant on their 2024 tour, spanning festival dates, amphitheaters and arenas.

“The guys in Young the Giant care massively about audio quality. They really care about getting the sound and the effects as close to the record as possible—and they’re just over the moon with the results,” says Lloyd about his recent experiene with the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer on the California-based band’s current tour. “LV1 goes everywhere with me, goes on every plane, and we do a great-sounding show on it every day.”

We’ve caught up with Lloyd during Young the Giant’s show at Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta, GA, May 2024. See his eMotion LV1 setup for this tour, including a run through his favorite live processing choices plus his main reasons for choosing the LV1 to power his live shows.

Music: “The Walk Home” (live) by Young the Giant. Courtesy of Young the Giant / Jungle Youth Recordings.

Special thanks to Young the Giant and to Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta GA.