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The Essentials of Rock Mixing

Learn how to craft big-sounding rock mixes with punchy vocals, wide guitars, and hard-driving drums
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Learn the Foundations of Mixing Powerful Rock Tracks


Learn how to craft big-sounding rock mixes with punchy vocals, wide guitars, and hard-driving bass and drums. From the 4-step method to perfecting rock vocal tone, to effective mix bus techniques to sweeten and glue your mixes, this course covers all the crucial foundations.

  • Rock vocal tone: 4-step method for building effective rock vocal chains
  • Mix wide guitars: How to treat guitar layers for a fuller mix
  • Punchy rhythm section: Shape powerful rock bass without mud
  • Mix bus techniques: How to sweeten and glue your mixes
  • Effective mix templates: Cut mixing time with mix-ready templates
  • Create streaming-ready mixes: Get your mixes ready for all platforms
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Course Highlights

  • Get the Right Vocal Tone: 4-Step Method

    Learn to approach your vocal mixing systematically with a complete vocal chain: from creating vocal continuity through proper clip gaining; to removing sibilance, low-end rumble and resonances; to creating warmth and weight, to adding presence and attitude – all without over-EQ’ing or over-compressing.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Wide Guitars. Punchy Rhythm Section.

    Learn how to mix your instruments to work together, with the full song arrangement in mind. Learn kick and bass techniques; how to handle natural tones and overtones; how to shape a clear bass without mud; and how to treat layered guitars for a fuller, wider mix.

  • Finalizing Your Mix for Streaming

    Learn to build a rock-oriented mix bus chain, with focus on bus compression and tape emulation. Plus make sure your overall levels meet the exact standards of streaming platforms, so you can have better control over the end result that gets streamed online.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • The Waves Rock Mixing Template

    Save precious time while mixing, and easily practice every technique shown in this course, with the included rock mixing templates for Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, and Studio One.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Get Your Waves Mixing Certificate

    Complete the course and all the included multiple-choice tests, and get your official Waves Education Certificate for The Essentials of Rock Mixing.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
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