Plugins for Avid VENUE Consoles


With Avid Venue Series consoles external processing racks are a thing of the past. It’s a revolution in the world of live sound mixing: a state-of-the-art environment that delivers unprecedented reliability and maximum flexibility for today’s most demanding live mixers and engineers. Compressors, equalizers, reverbs, limiters, vintage models, and more: take your favorite Waves SoundGrid plugins from the studio to the stage.

Waves does not support AAX DSP or Venue S3L consoles at this time.


  • Full snapshot support
  • Pro Tools and Waves preset compatibility
  • Complete console plugin mapping
  • Easy activation to standard USB Flash Drive

Simplified Routing

Instead of miles of cables and complex wiring, everything is right there—in the box. Want that compressor post-EQ? A different reverb? Just drag it on over—with your mouse.

Save Time

Feel like fiddling with dozens of knobs and sliders? Go ahead. Or, you can set up your mix, save it, and open it up anywhere, instantly, and make changes on the fly, without ever leaving the sweet spot.

Maximum Reliability

No more blown fuses, power supplies, noisy faders, or ground hum.

Creative Automation

Save processing chains and settings per song. Use different processing on each song to give each its own character. Best of all, transfer Pro Tools mixes from the studio to the stage, tune by tune, track by track.

Save Space

Rack after rack of hardware? Heavy, cumbersome, and expensive to transport, setup, and move around. With Waves and Avid VENUE, all you need is your installation DVD plus your iLok, and your rig is everywhere you are.

Infinite Possibilities

Imagine your favorite EQ. Or that rare studio compressor. Now imagine having as many of them as you want. With Waves and Avid VENUE, you’ve got ‘em!

VIP Access

Want to try a clean EQ, or one with character? Switching out components is as easy as pointing and clicking. And rare gear that would rarely leave the studio, like SSLs Fairchilds, and API components are right there, in all their modeled analog glory.