Download Version 6

Download V6 to install on this computer.

V6r8, released August 24th 2009 What's New

During the installation process, choose the specific products you want to install.


  • Waves V6 and previous Waves versions cannot run concurrently.
    V6 installations will uninstall ALL previously installed Waves versions of ALL products.

Downgrades from Waves V9 to earlier versions and iLok authorization are no longer available for Waves products.

Download V6 to install on an offline computer

If you need to install Waves V6 on a computer that is not connected to the internet, download one of the installers on the left side and transfer it to the other computer, then run the installer there.

If you can connect your offline computer to the internet, even temporarily, it is highly recommended, so you can download just the plugins you need using the installers at the top of this page, rather than the ones on the left (over 1 GB.)