The Trance Experience

In The Trance Experience, An Introduction to Electronic Dance Music, DJ Torsten Fassbender shares his unique insights into the world of popular electronic music, giving you a rare insider’s view of electronic dance music and the club scene. Fassbender’s productions and remixes for artists such as Blank & Jones, Luna Park, and PPK can be found on many compilations and on the playlists of top DJs. With Fassbender as your own personal guide, you’ll get valuable hands-on experience in three popular genres: Vocal Trance, Remix, and Chillout.

From song conception, composition, instrumentation and arrangement to the ins and outs of breakdowns, fill-ins and mix-outs, The Trance Experience walks you through each step, up close and personal. Since it’s an OpenMix™ interactive course, you’ll receive all of Torsten’s original session files.

You'll learn:

And much more!

German DJ/producer Torsten Fassbender began using computers at the age of 12, around the same time he was learning to play guitar and piano. After discovering the Soundtracker program for his Commodore Amiga, became hooked and started creating his own electronic music. After discovering the sonic and compositional power of MIDI, he began building his own home studio and was finally able to realize his musical ideas. From 1984-1998, Torsten composed and arranged many soundtracks and effects for computer games and demos.

When Torsten first heard techno, he immediately felt that this was the style he had been searching for. He expanded his equipment and created his first tracks entirely on MIDI synthesizers, and released his first tracks in 1994 on various European labels. In 2000, he founded his most recent project, Wellenrausch, which quickly rose to prominence in the Vocal Trance scene. Torsten's productions and remixes for artists such as Blank & Jones, Luna Park, and PPK are on many compilations and many top DJs include his tracks on their playlists.